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Recognising our Excellent Scouting Community

Hello to all our Scout youth members, parents and supporting community.

Who was it that said we should live in interesting times? Is ‘interesting’ meant to be a euphamisim for ‘challenging’?  Or just rapidly changing?

No need for me to go into those challenges, but the impact is certainly taking a long-time to still work through our community.

Our inability to sail has certainly changed some aspects to our scouting, but our leaders have done a fabulous job adjusting to and overcoming those obstacles.  Who would have thought remote scouting from home would work?

I am going to use this as my annual message (perhaps biennial, or triennial), and I would like to officially recognise and thank:

Past Leaders – Naomi Waldron (past Group Leader), Darren Chrzanowski (past Scout Leader), and April Chrzanowski (past Venturer Leader).

On behalf of the PTSS Leadership and Executive Committee thank you and we hope to still see out and about.

Current Leaders – all of them are fantastic members of the community but I particularly want to make reference to Joe Kan our new Group Leader.  Joe is both Group Leader and a Rover.  He stepped up when we needed him and somehow fits in his GL role between study and work.

Executive – we have been very fortunate to have maintained a very stable central committee over the last few years, however, Dirk Fourie, after four years as secretary, was succeeded by Gillian Woodman.  We did also lose from executive roles; Drew Mayo (Communications), Greg Stewart & Jack Dawson (Boat Masters), and Doug Ross (Major Projects).  I would like to make a special mention of Andrew Bergin, property maintenance at both Pamphlett and Tennyson.  Andrew has quietly filled this role for what must be ten years.  Thank you Andrew.

I had the pleasure of being on the executive while they served and each has been a hardworking, dedicated and generally lovely person to work with.

PTSS has been blessed to have had your input and guidance, thank you all.

There are now opportunities and the need to add to executive members as we need Communications Manager, Fundraising Manager (Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Mgr), QStore, grants and boat master.  If even slightly interested please remember that everyone here is a volunteer so it is casual, flexible and meant to be fun, not a task.

Please get involved in whatever capacity you can, adult helpers are always needed and the more we have the greater opportunity there is to open our youth membership to more of the community that desperately wish to join us and enjoy being Scouts.  It is so fulfilling to think that we, in whatever small way, are assisting these beautiful young people grow into valuable members of the community.


Darren Lelliott

Chairman, PTSS Group Support Executive Committee

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