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Our Volunteers

Our Volunteer Team

Just as per all Scout Groups around Australia our leadership and group support committee is made up entirely of volunteers who are passionate about the development of our youth.  They come from all walks of life and while most are parents of current youth members of Scouting they don’t have to be and there are many excellent examples without any current youth member connections.

Furthermore, they do not have to have had any kind of Scouting experience themselves.

But what they do need is to have the dedication to have completed the training (all of our leaders are qualified by Scouts Australia, while committee members don’t need to do training but it is available to them), be pre-assessed and certified to work with youth, and have the right midset to be effective in utilising the Scouting methodology to aid in youth development.

Seeking volunteer Leaders & Committee members

If you haven’t heard us say it before we will say it again, without leaders there is no Scouting.  Societal demands have changed many families commitments to social groups and Scouting is also affected.  As a result too many Scout groups that have not planned leader succession find the sudden loss of leaders for normal life changes can cause the end of that group, to the detriment of the community’s children and also to the entire local Scouting family.

PTSS has a strong Scouting Family, so we need more of that family to step up and get active.  You will love it, the rewards are great and if you don’t have the time to commit to Leader training and duties that is fine because you can still support those Leaders and our kids by using your skills on the Group Support Committee.

Not everyone has the temperament to be a Leader even though they care just as much about our youth.  That is perfectly understandable, so join the Committee instead.

Family Commitment

When your child first joins PTSS, or any other Scouting Group, it is actually your whole family that is joining our Scouting Family.  Hopefully, no parent brings their child to Scouts thnking of it as a drop-off to look after that child.

The first year, and every subsequent year you are committing to support this Scout Family, so do expect us to call on your commitment to become a Leader, Committee member or Parent Helper.  Without each family fulfilling their commitment there is no Pamphlett Tennyson Sea Scouts.  We are only here at your grace.

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Volunteer to get involved, we always seek more involvement.