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Join the Kraken Adventure: Unleash Your Potential with the Kraken Rover Unit

Rovers is for males and females aged 17½ to 26 who love socialising, challenging themselves, and seizing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

As a member of the Kraken Rover Unit, you’ll be part of a dynamic and tight-knit community of young adults, dedicated to adventure, friendship, and community service. Our Crew is known for its spirit of independence, innovation, and leadership, always pushing the boundaries and seeking new challenges.

Each Crew is empowered to set its own goals, plan its own activities, and develop its own identity, making sure that everyone’s interests, passions, and schedules are taken into account. Whether it’s hiking, camping, volunteering, exploring, or just having fun, the Kraken Rover Unit is always on the lookout for new adventures and opportunities.

At the heart of the Kraken Rover experience is a commitment to serving others, making a positive impact, and building lifelong relationships. Our Rovers are leaders in their communities, developing their own skills, and inspiring the next generation of young people. They embody the Scout values, always striving for excellence, resilience, and selflessness.

So, if you’re looking for a dynamic, inclusive, and exciting way to grow as a person, meet new friends, and make a difference, then look no further. The Kraken Rover Unit is the place for you. Join us today, and become part of the Kraken Adventure!

Unit Leader Sam Lucena
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