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Venturer Scouts

Venturer Scouts is for males and females aged 14½ to 17½ who never turn down a good challenge and love to push themselves to their limits.

Pamphlett Sea Scouts maintains an active Venturer Unit engaging in all of the types of activities that Venturers enjoy with a particular focus on water activities. More often than not, you’ll find our venturers kayaking up Oxley Creek or sailing on the Brisbane River.

Venturer Scout Units generally meets on Friday or Saturday night from 7pm until 9pm.  Venturer Leaders are simply there to provide adult leadership and support; they act  as your Scouting  mentors. Unit progress is discussed at meetings, along with how each Unit is turning their goals of the Venturer Program into reality. Socialising is a must and  strong bonds are formed through teamwork and a common desire to ensure that everyone becomes the best person they can be. If you’re a Venturer Scout  your only limits are the ones that you set for yourself.