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Past Committee Members

Pamphlett Tennyson Sea Scouts has been going for quite some time now, and in that time we have been blessed with many truly wonderful volunteer Group Support Committee members.  Below, we list many of those wonderful leaders (over time we would love to list every one of them, but it will be a long list).

The PTSS Scounting Family and our local community are rightly grateful to all of your services aiding the development of many youth members into valuable members of our community.


Chair: Jeremy Gehrman (2010 – 2015)


Secretary: Dirk Fourie (2020 – 2022),



Facilities Manager:

Grants Manager: John Gaskell



Communications Manager:


Tenancy Manager:

Fundraising Co-ordinator:

Special Events Co-ordinator:

Special Projects: Doug Ross (Tennyson Redevelopment) (2011 – 2021)


Tennyson Old Boys

We would also like to include that unofficial group that call themselves the Tennyson Old Boys.  This group of past Scouting and Venturer members of Tennyson Sea Scouts were instrumental in keeping the Tennyson site alive when its membership had dropped to only a small Cub Pack lead by Dorothy & Diedre.

After the floods of 2011, which devastated the site, they undertook incredible work to redevelop the site and manage its maintenance until it was merged with the Pamphletter Sea Scouts.  They continue to provide assistance and maintain a watchful eye over the site today.  Members are: Doug Ross, Peter Dunn, Rob Dingwall, ??????

Volunteer to get involved, we always seek more involvement.