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Scouts is for both boys and girls aged 10½ to 15 years. If you have a sense of adventure, enjoy making friends and having fun, then Scouts is for you.

Our two Scout Troops, which are comprised of several Scout Patrols, usually meet alternate Friday nights from 7pm until 9pm and Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm (Check the Scout Calendar below for more details) . Scout meetings consist of team-building activities, playing games, developing specialised skills and knowledge, and planning for weekend adventures and campouts. At meetings the youth Patrol Leaders mentor their Patrols and share experiences of their recent adventures and offer advice to the younger Scouts. Scout Leaders and youth Patrol Leaders teach the Scouts how to use equipment correctly and inspire their Scouts to be the best individuals and team players that they can be.

Scout Leaders Needed

Covid hit PTSS numbers hard, understandably. However, what is incredible is that it did not decimate our numbers, our sections kept going throughout the whole process, even when they could not meet face-to-face for months, and our numbers are climbing rapidly again.

PTSS used to have two Scout level sections, Argonauts and Tarcoola. They have been combined into the one section for now, but we will soon have the Scout numbers to again split into two sections, if we can also get the Leaders for two sections.

Another consideration is that most leaders will either progress up the sections as their children do the same and then their commitment will have come to an end. That doesn’t always happen and one of our leaders, Michael Bischa, has been a Scout leader for 38 years already and has no intention of stopping. But we need to plan for succession in leadership.

Thus, we need more Scout leaders. You will find it very rewarding and great fun. Scouts is not just for the kids (remember our Rovers can be 25).

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