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Current Leadership

These are the wonderful volunteers that are doing so much to support the youth members of the PTSS Scouting Family.

PhotoNameScout NameTitleDate StartedScout Bio
Joe KanNight OwlGroup Leader2022
Austin SmidtAssistant Group Leader2023
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Hilary WoodleyMerakiCub Scout Leader
Van DorreboomDropbearAssistant Cub Scout Leader
Bryan HartlandStrawbsAssistant Cub Scout Leader
Michael BischaWaringa/BishScout Leader1985Youth Member (10 Years) - 1975-1978 Cubs, 1978-1982 Scouts, 1982-1984 Venturers.

Scout Leader - 1985-2023 (38 Years).

Adventurous Activities - TP Sailing-Moderate to Fresh, TP Power Boating, TP Canoing-Flat Water, Kayaking-Flat Water, TP Bushwalking-Tracked Environments, SP Basic Water Rescue.

Provide First Aid, Wilderness First Aid.

Leader Awards - 1996 Medal of Merit, 2004 Silver Koala, 2013 Silver Emu.

2010 Community Volunteer Award - Senator Russell Trood.

2017 Australia Day Achievement Award - BCC Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.
Sally DoddsScooterAssistant Scout Leader2017Cub Leader - 2017-2021
Scout Leader - 2021-Present (6 Years).

Child Safe Scouting Officer 2020-Present

Adventurous Activities - TP Canoing-Flat Water, TP Bushwalking-Tracked Environments, TP SUP Inland Flat Water, TP Pioneering, SP Basic Water Rescue, SP Survival.

Provide First Aid.
Evan JonesOspreyAssistant Scout Leader2022Scout Leader - 2022-Present
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Volunteer to get involved, we always seek more involvement.