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Parental Involvement

Whether you are completely new to Scouting or you were a Scout yourself, you will probably enjoy sharing your child’s Scouting experience. Scouting is a great way for families to participate in new adventures and activities together – why not encourage older siblings, grandparents or other relatives to get involved as well?

Many parents become trained Leaders, but there are also plenty of other ways that parents can get involved or contribute to the Group without committing to a uniformed Leadership role.

Parents can help by:

  • Showing interest and encouragement
  • Providing transport
  • Helping to fundraise for the Group
  • Volunteering for duties such as Scout Hall set up or clean up
  • Joining the Group Committee and/or assisting with administration
  • Helping with DIY jobs or gardening at the Scout Hall
  • Organising a Group excursion to your workplace
  • Offering your unique talents and skills for a Group theme night

Don’t be afraid to offer your practical support, or to ask the Leaders at your Group how you can contribute. Contact us today.

Fundraising and help

Pamphlett Sea Scout Group maintains the scout den, equipment a fleet of boats and trailers. Whilst we endeavour to cover our costs through annual fees; hall hire and grants our running costs each year are quite significant. We will ask all parents to help with fundraising, maintenance activities, section activities and on camps.

A typical parent’s involvement in fundraising and maintenance activities includes about four events per year (<1 day per event). However, if turning sausages at a fundraising BBQ is not your thing and you have a specific skill that might be of benefit to the group please let us know… through the year we use the services of all types of people from accountants to plumbers to electricians to mechanics.

We might also need someone to help youth members complete badge work and the topics covered in badge work are many and varied.

As an alternative to fundraising sometimes we will ask for ‘donations’ of materials to support the running of activities, we might ask for a ream of paper or some art supplies. If you or perhaps your employer can provide these types of supplies, we will be most grateful and it will save on the need for people to give up their time.

Please don’t be shy, joining in group activities helps build the Pamphlett Scout Group community. We welcome all suggestions with regards to fundraising.

Upon signing on we will ask a variety of questions about your resources, professions, skills or trades and hobbies. Please add as much detail to the ‘Helping Out’ form as you can. If everyone lends a hand in the best way they can, the impact on every helper should even out and be minimised.