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Venturer Scouts Program

The Venturer Scouts Program provides an attractive program of activities, self-government, leadership experience, companionship of their own age and helps to develop initatitive and resourcefulness. By determining their own training needs it encourages young people to be self-motivating.

Key elements of the program are selected from the following four development areas:

  • Community Involvement: Citizenship, Environment , First Aid, Service
  • Adventurous Activities: Expeditions, Outdoor , Initiative
  • Personal Growth: Expression, Lifestyle, Ideals, Pursuits
  • Leadership Development: Unit Management, Leadership Course, Vocations

The proportion of time devoted to each activity will depend on the preferences of the Unit Members but a well balance program will include activities from all areas.

Development Area – Citizenship

As Venturer Scouts mature they should develop an understanding of how their community operates at a local, state and national level. In turn, they should investigate how they can equip themselves to be informed, useful citizens. This area is broad and involves studies of institutions important in the community, the place of Scouting and other youth organisations in the community, the operation of government at all levels, road and boating safety, employment opportunities, Trade Unions and other professional bodies.


A traditional area of Scouting is the appreciation of nature through outdoor activities such as astronomy, meteorology, geography, forestry, etc. In addition, concern for the quality of the environment and conservation for future generations has become prominent in citizenship. Thus a Venturer Scout’s concern should extend to the prevention of human pollution of the air, water, beaches, roads and towns.

First Aid

First aid is an essential component of citizenship as it involves care for the human race. First aid is critical to serving the community, as it can often be the difference between life and death.


This is an important part of character building and can involve transport on foot, boat, four wheel drive provided that the expedition requires planning, an adventure into unfamiliar territory, some considerable physical effort and the absolute necessity for self-reliance, determination and co-operation among the party.


In an increasingly technological age there must be a corresponding emphasis on the development of artistic appreciation and performance in order to develop the whole person. This area would include visual arts (painting ,sculpture, film etc.), performing arts (music and theatricals) and the literary arts (poetry, journalism etc.)

Unit Council

The management body of the Venturer Scout Unit is called the Unit Council. The Unit Council comprises the adult Leaders of the Unit plus sufficient elected Venturer Scouts, to ensure Venturer Scouts predominate on the Council. The Chairman / Chairperson? of the Council is an elected Venturer Scout.

The Unit Council is responsible for managing Unit affairs including preparation and running of the program of activities, the appointment of activity leaders, finance of the Unit, supervision of Award Scheme standards and general discipline.

Meetings are held at least once a month and separate to the Unit meeting. Yet they are also held briefly prior to and after the Unit meeting to check on progress.

The Unit Council is also responsible for the initial drafting and annual review of the Unit Constitution.

Venturer Scouts elected to the Unit Council will hold office until such time as the members of the Venturer Scout Unit determine, but they should not exceed 12 months (including the Chairman).


Venturer Scouts don’t stand much on ceremony but nevertheless there are a few important Venturer Scout ceremonies. A Scout that is ready to become a Venturer Scout will be the focus of an advancement ceremony. The earning of milestone awards in the Award scheme is recognised during a Formal Parade which is another name for a simple opening and closing ceremony incorporating flag break, prayer and notices.

Scouts who advance to Venturer Scouts or new members joining for the first time will make their promise during an Investiture ceremony.

The Queen’s Scout Award Certificate presentation takes place at a special ceremony arranged by Branch Headquarters where it is usual for the Branch Chief Scout to make the presentation. The Queen’s Scout Award is awarded and worn by the Venturer Scout before receiving the Royal certificate.