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Rovers Activities

Life after school can be isolating for most young adults, but not for Rovers!

Rovers are a group of mates who believe in experiencing life to its fullest and seizing opportunities. Joining a Rover Crew could be one of the most important decisions in your life. It offers opportunities to make new friends, have fun, experience once-ina- life-time adventures, and have unforgettable social experiences while you work with your fellow Rovers to develop your leadership and  organisational skills. Rovers personalise their programs to suit their members and each Crew are fully independent and responsible for managing their own groups, projects and campsites. As a Rover, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

What Can I Do in Rovers?

  • Meet new people
  • Activate your social life attending balls, bush dances, boat cruises, nights out, car rallies, and Rover gatherings
  • Experience nature and character-building experiences through bushwalking, canoeing, sailing, caving, ski-touring, four-wheel driving, rock-climbing, and scuba diving.
  • Test your physical and mental endurance on week-long expeditions
  • Further your management and leadership skills
  • Serve and make a positive contribution to your community
  • Set your own goals and activities to suit your needs
  • Be a mentor to younger Scouts
  • Attend State/National/International Rover Moots (activity and adventure camps)
  • Participate in the annual Rover off-road driver training event where you and your Crew build and race a motor vehicle on the off-road rally track
  • Attend one of the annual Beach Moots in which you can participate in water based activities
  • Challenge Yourself to try new things