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Tennyson Site Redevelopment Project

Our Tennyson site is freehold title and is approximately 6,352m2 in area over two lots and includes the Tennyson Scout Den and vehicular access from Vivian Street. The land is described as Lot 2 on RP 208982 and lot 392 on RP 337716. (Lot 1 on RP 208962, the triangular land parcel on the creek in the western part of the subject land is owned by Brisbane City Council).

Tennyson SIte plan


The First Tennyson Sea Scout Group was established in 1947 on the Tennyson site and the Scouting Association has a well-established history of using the land for scouting and boating activities.

The Land Ship was built by the work, skill and generosity of the Parents, Friends and Supporters of the Group so Boys could be trained in good citizenship according to the methods set out by the founder of  the Boy Scouting Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell.

It was opened on 13th October, 1956 by Senator R. Kendall R.D. (Commissioner for Sea Scouts) and named by the Chief Commissioner ( A. A. Jackson Esq) “S. S. S. Charles Snow” to honour the late “Chief” who introduced Scouting to Queensland in 1909.

On 20th April 1975 the 1st Tennyson Sea Scouts and the Graceville Sea Scouts, a group formed in 1961, came together as the Pamphlett Sea Scout Group.  As Construction of the Pamphlett Bridge in 1964 limited the size of masts on sailing craft accessing the Brisbane River from the Tennyson Site.

After the amalgamation of the two Sea Scout groups the Tennyson site reverted to land based Scouting becoming the Tarcoola District Venturer Unit and Rover Crew.

During the 1980’s the Tennyson site was also used as the South Area Water Activities Centre, where other groups came to train in water activities such as canoeing, kayaking and small masted sailing.  The site became known as Tennyson Waters.

The 1990’s saw a change of Districts from Tarcoola to John Oxley District and the South Area Water Activities moved to the Karingal Camping Grounds, with these changes the Tennyson Scout group expanded with Joey, Cubs and Scout sections joining the existing Venturer Unit and Rover Crew.

In 2015 the Pamphlett and Tennyson merged again to become the current Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scouts with water and land based Scouting activities now run out of both the Graceville and Tennyson sites.

Status of the Site

The buildings on the Graceville and Tennyson sites were inundated in the 2011 Brisbane Flood. Significant damage was done to the buildings on both sites with the top floor of the den’s submerged by approximately 700mm above the floor level.  The Graceville Den (concrete block base) was fully refurbished after the flood with the Tennyson site proving more of a challenge given the age and timber structure of the building.

Main Tennyson Den

Without the support of grants or insurance funds, the Group Committee and Support networks undertook significant repairs and fundraising to repair the top floor of the main Tennyson Den during 2011 to return it service for the youth membership.

The repairs undertaken to the main Tennyson Scout Den in 2011 by the Group and supporters include:

  • Replacement of floor
  • Repair of general fittings and fixtures
  • Repainting
  • Installation of new electrical mains, switch board and light fittings
  • Repairs to the submerged new kitchen (not replacement)
  • Installation of a new kitchen hot water heater

The lower stories of the Tennyson Den were decommissioned and electrically isolated after the 2011 flood and remain decommissioned today.

The timber substructure of the main den is under constant attack by termites and has been professionally treated on a number of occasions since the 2011 flood.  The timber sub structure of the main den has reached a stage where it is almost impossible to maintain and is now in need of urgent repairs.  The top floor of the den remains serviceable.



Sappers Den

The out building known as Sappered Den or the Dingy was found to be infested with termites and has been gutted, treated and now is used as a store room.  It will require relining and rewiring to be returned to service as a meeting room.



The small ablutions (two toilets and one cold shower) building was demolished in December 2014 and has been replaced by a building with 5 toilets and 5 hot water showers.  The building also contains a disabled shower and toilet facility.


Site Re-development

The Pamphlett – Tennyson Sea Scout Group have set ourselves the objective in upgrading the Tennyson site to create a low maintenance flexible facility that is an asset to scouting and the community while providing infrastructure that will increase the utilisation of the site, attract tenants and provide and income stream for the group to fund the maintenance of the site.  The group is currently seeking support from the community, sponsors and government to fund the redevelopment of the site.