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Working Bees

PTSS is blessed to have two fantastic facilities, our Pamphlett Landship and our Tennyson Camp Grounds.  We recognise how very fortunate we are and we want to share that good fortune with other Scout Groups and with the community.

Because our Pamphlett Landship is so well positioned and with such a high profile location there is a lot demand to utilise these facilities for many types of events.  Another great benefit is that the building, land it sits on and parkland it is centred in are all owned by the Brisbane City Council and many maintenance needs are met by the council.

While the Tennyson Camp Ground acreage is owned by Scouts Qld, making PTSS both the steward of the site and responsible for all maintenance.

All Skills Needed

Some of our working bees will be hard physical labour, a lot of gardening, sometimes trade skills required, but never do they exclude anyone that wants to jump in and help, whether you don’t or do have specific skills there is always something you can contribute.

Equipment & Resources Required

It is great if we know what resources our Scouting community has access to and that we may be able to utilise, on occassion.

It can be as simple as a towbar on your car, or as specialised as a half cabin cruiser on the bay (yes we have used that one for sail camps annually in the past).

Please let us know and keep an eye on our communications and don’t hesitate to volunteer those resources.