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New Members

If you are completely new to Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scouts you’ll find the following information very useful.

New Members

Attention all new members! Scouts Queensland has moved to an easier and more convenient membership application process. You can now join the Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scout Group with just a few clicks. No more paper forms, simply visit the Scouts Queensland website and fill out the online membership form. Start your adventure with us today and discover new experiences, make lifelong friends, and grow into a confident and responsible leader. Don’t wait, become a part of the Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scout family now!

Cooling Off Period

If, after joining the Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scout Group, a new youth member decides that scouting is not for them, we understand that this can happen. To formally withdraw from the organisation, the member or their parent/guardian should send a written request for withdrawal to the Scouts Queensland Branch within six weeks of joining. If the request is received within this timeframe, a refund will be provided. It is important to understand that the decision to withdraw should be made thoughtfully, as scouting provides valuable experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

2015 Information Pack

Click here to download a PDF of the 2015 Information Pack.