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Are you aged 6 to 26 and looking for adventure? Then join Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scouts for loads of scouting and water fun!

Sky Blue Scarf

We have recently been granted permission by the Chief Commissioner to wear an alternate scarf as we are a recognised Read more


Congratulations to Waringa

A proud night for Pamphlett-Tennyson on the night of the 24th of January 2017 with Michael 'Waringa' Bischa , our Tarcoola Sea Scouts Scout Leader being awarded the 2017 Lord Mayors Australia Day Achievement Award for his service to scouting. The 2017 Lord Read more


Hall Hire

Pamphlett-Tennyson Sea Scouts facilities are for hire to community organisations and the public in some cases. We have two sites that are located either side of Oxley Creek about 7km south of Brisbane, the capital city of the State of Queensland. The Pamphlett Site has a hall for hire - landship ‘Akoonah’ – Read more

Tennyson Redevelopment Project

Tennyson Site Redevelopment Project Our Tennyson site is freehold title and is approximately 6,352m2 in area over two lots and includes the Tennyson Scout Den and vehicular access from Vivian Street. The land Read more


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Our Aim

The Aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as a member of their local, national and international community.

Our Mission

To contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Promise and Law, to help build a better world, where people are self fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Latest News

There's always something happening at Pamphlett Sea Scouts. Take a look at our News page to catch up on all the latest events.


Facilities for Hire

Great facilities for hire. Located in Simpsons Park, Oxley and overlooking the Brisbane River. Campsite available on Oxley Creek at Tennyson.

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View the Pamphlett Sea Scouts Calendar of events.